Restorative Dentistry – Tulsa, OK

Rebuild and Protect Your Teeth

Sometimes dental damage is as simple as a small cavity; in other situations, a large part of the tooth is gone. No matter the case, Southern Woods Dental Care will be here to help you through this stressful moment. We can help you recover from the damage and protect your smile from further harm with one of our reliable restorations. Contact our Tulsa office today to schedule a restorative appointment with Dr. Bragg.

Why Choose Southern Woods Dental Care for Restorative Dentistry?

  • Variety of Materials for Crowns
  • Dental Team That Treats Patients Like Family
  • Dental Practice That Runs on Time

Tooth-Colored Fillings 

Over 90% of Americans have experienced tooth decay at some point in their lives. We’ll do all we can to help you prevent cavities, but when they do form, we can fix them with tooth-colored fillings. They’re made from composite resin, which closely matches the color of natural teeth and can easily be made to fit small areas without removing any additional enamel. And since they’re not made of metal, tooth-colored fillings won’t cause sensitivity to hot or cold foods or beverages.

Dental Crowns

A badly damaged or weakened tooth can be rebuilt with a dental crown. We offer traditional gold crowns, but more aesthetically-friendly options are also available, including porcelain, porcelain fused to metal, Emax, and zirconia. The kind of crown you get depends on what your needs and preferences are; for example, gold crowns tend to be higher in durability, but porcelain and zirconia crowns can be made to look like your natural teeth in shape and color.